30 Black History Month Classroom Doors That Stopped Our Scroll

These teachers are opening the door for important conversations.

Black history month feature photo

The bar for decorating classroom doors just got raised—like, a lot. That’s because teachers across the country are putting up door decorations in celebration of Black History Month and sharing pictures of them across social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are flooded with these stunning and artistic displays, which feature the faces of inspiring Black figures such as Ruby Bridges, Misty Copeland, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Angela Davis, and Rosa Parks.

Not only do these impressively decorated doors aim to celebrate inspirational Black heroes who have made history, but they also empower students and kick-start dialogue.

“It is so much more than decor. This door has already sparked so many conversations with students I’ve never met or talked to before,” said high school teacher Mrs. Lewis in a post on Instagram.

Here are a handful of Black History Month door decorations that stopped our scroll.

1. Be Brave Like Ruby

Still of black history month doors be brave like ruby from Instagram

“I always kick off Black History Month by sharing the story of Ruby Bridges because it is one that I feel that my students will identify with.”


Source: @isapartycreations

2. Use All the Shades

Still of black history month doors for every shade from Twitter

Simple and stunning.

Source: @chocolatemiata

3. A Thought-Provoking Installation

Still of black history month doors can be thought provoking from Instagram

Even her earrings are inspiring.

Source: @artistcarolebandycarson

4. More Than Decor

Still of black history month doors are more than decor from Instagram

This door has sparked so many conversations.

Source: @lessonswithlewis

5. Don’t Forget the Crown

Still of black history month doors shouldn't forget the crown from Instagram


Source: @fuyu.maki

6. Show Some Flower Power

Still of black history month doors show some flower power from Instagram

Powerful and pretty.

Source: @artwithmrspryor

7. Make It a Work in Progress

Still of Black History month door with women standing next to it

Don’t be afraid to add more over time.

Source: @aspired_rae

8. Make It a Group Effort

Still of black history month doors are a group effort from Instagram

Recruit your students to help. “My students were excited to help me! From the hot gluing of the puffballs to the cutting and painting, and the putting the door together.”

Source: @dopeartistchickjaszkie

9. Past, Present, and Future

Door with black history month icons of the past, present, and future

Celebrate black leaders from every era.

Source: Akron Public Schools 

10. Mosaics of Inspiration

Black History month door with mosaic of Black history month icons

A gorgeous handmade tapestry.

Source: @mcnabtemp2021

11. ABC’s of Black History

Door with ABC’s of Black History

Perfect for any age group.

Source: Pinterest: Terri Martin Halligan

12. Choose Love, Not Hate

Door with words I have decided to love, not hate

Simple to make, great message to receive.

Source: @apscspr

13. A Tribute to Whitney

Door with words I believe in the children of our future and drawing of Whitney Houston


Source: Susie King Taylor Elementary School

14. This Is Us

Door with words This Is Us and collage of Black History month icons faces

Picture perfect.

Source: @Tasia Fields 

15. Hair Love

Door with words Hair Love and a drawing of a young girl

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful book.

Source: @art_class_love

16. Guess the Influential Person

Door with words Can you guess who I am? and hints to the right answer

An informational, interactive door.

Source: @stacijanine87

17. Historical Roots

Door with words I love my roots

A gorgeous display and sentiment. 

Source: @Areva Houston 

18. NFL Superstar

Door of an NFL Superstar with hair extending past the doorframe

Students will love this door.

Source: @Glen Mourning

19. Unsung NASA Hero

Woman smiling in front of door with drawing of NASA spaceship on it

Honor space legend Mae Jemison.

Source: Opelika-Auburn News

20. Black Herstory Month

Door with words Happy Black Herstory/History month 2019

Love the curls!

Source: @rachaelraerach

21. We Are Because of Them

Door with young woman and many photos of Black History month icons on her shirt

So many amazing historical figures.

Source: @YMA_PKthrough12

22. HBCU Excellence

Door showing a drawing of Black student wearing graduate cap and gown

“Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.”

Source: @leke.art   

23. Born With a Clean Heart

Door with pink background and young Black girl walking on heart cutouts

Perfect for February.

Source: @theprintedsociety

24. A Tribute to Kobe

Door with drawing of Kobe Bryant

Celebrate a legend.

Source: Collinsville Kahoks

25. We Are All Connected

Two doors connected in the middle with yarn representing a Black woman's hair attaching to a BLM raised fist

These teachers went above and beyond.

Source: Collinsville Kahoks

26. African American Achievers

Door with words African American Achievers and photos of various African American Achievers

The greats.

Source: Anchorage Education Association

27. History of Jazz

Door with drawing of Black woman and three musicians playing jazz instruments

Historical and musical roots.

Source: Anchorage Education Association

28. Bloom Where You Are Planted

Door with words They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds.

Such a powerful message.

Source: @a.lac.rity

29. Like Air, I’ll Rise

But still like air, I'll rise door


Source: WHS Zephyr

30. Beautiful Black Ballerina

Door with drawing of young black ballerina and words Misty Copeland

Love the papier-mâché!

Source: Foust Elementary 

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We love these powerful Black History Month door decorations. They're a great way to "open the door" to conversation and learning.