Free Classroom Poster: Think Like an Engineer!

Teach the engineering and design process with this free, colorful poster.

Sponsored By St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®

Are you ready to help your students think BIG and solve real problems in their communities? Get this bright and colorful engineering and design process poster from St. Jude Childrenā€™s Research Hospital. Just submit your email here and you can save and print the poster instantly. It features fun illustrations, by best-selling artist Mike Lowery, explaining how each step of the engineering and design process works.

Along with your poster youā€™ll also get:

    • Lesson plans explaining how to teach the design process
    • Reproducible student activities to accompany each stage of the design process (identifying a problem, brainstorming a solution, making a model, testing a model, and sharing and reflecting)ā€”see them in action below

  • Links to access a free supplemental STEM-focused curriculum along with information about participating in the St. Jude EPIC Challenge, an innovative research-design challenge that empowers students to design, create and present an invention or idea that could make life better for kids like those at St. Jude

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About the St. Jude EPIC Challenge

Invite students to join other kids from all over the country who want to use their imagination and creativity to help the kids of St. Jude in this interactive research-design challenge with a real-world impact. Students will:

  • Create an invention to support kids with cancer.
  • Raise funds and awareness for St. Jude.
  • Earn prizes.
  • Participate in project-based learning, real-world relevance.

You can use your free engineering and design process poster to guide students through the EPIC Challenge, and in your other STEM and engineering lessons all year long.

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