11 of the Best Free Grade Calculators for Teachers 

These can save a lot of time!

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A good grade calculator can save so much time, whether you’re working through stacks of assignments or final exams. Fortunately, there are many fantastic options out there that are both easy to use and free! We’ve put together this list of the best grade calculators to help you tame the madness.

Best Simple Calculator: QuickGrade

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Simply enter the number of problems in your quiz, test, or exam, type in the number of incorrect answers, and you’re ready to move on to the next student!

Try it: QuickGrade

Best for Average Grades: Grade Calculator

Screenshot of Grade Calculator: Let's Do the Math

You can’t go wrong with this super-easy calculator that allows you to find quiz, test, and assignment scores as well as average grades and final grades.

Try it: Grade Calculator

Best for Weighted Grades: Calculator.net


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This handy tool accepts letter grades and numerical grades and is based on weighted averages. Students can also determine how well they need to perform on remaining assignments in order to earn a desired final grade.

Try it: Calculator.net

Best for Grading Scales: GradeCalculate

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Quickly calculate grades by entering a number in the field and adjusting the grading scale to set your grade thresholds.

Try it: GradeCalculate

Best for Grade Charts: Easy Grader

Screenshot of Easy Grader Calculator

This brilliant tool can be used as a reference to assign grades since it allows you to generate a grader chart online. It also allows students to see how well they must perform on remaining tests and assignments in order to earn a specific grade. 

Try it: Easy Grader

Best Customizable Calculator: Omni Test Grade Calculator

Screenshot of Omni Test Calculator

This tool helps set a grading scale and quickly finds grades based on the criteria users select. The default grading scale can be easily adjusted and customized. 

Try it: Omni Test Grade Calculator

Best Color-Coded Chart: Teacher’s Notepad Easy Grader Calculator

Screenshot of Easy Grader

This has to be one of the easiest grade calculators on this list! All you have to do is enter the number of problems and click “Let’s Grade,” and you’re done! The results are displayed in a helpful color-coded chart.

Try it: Teacher’s Notepad Easy Grader Calculator

Best for Class Ranking: The Grade Calculator

Screenshot of the Grade Calculator

The Grade Calculator is a simple tool to help students understand their current standing in class and what they need to maintain or improve their grades throughout the academic year. Three additional calculator options include the GPA Calculator, Final Grade Calculator, and the Monthly Expense Calculator so teachers can keep track of grades and their class budget all in one place!

Try it: The Grade Calculator

Best for Multiple Courses: Grade Centric

Screenshot of a score calculator

This grade calculator tool supports letter, percent, and weighted calculations and allows you to add additional courses and classes to organize everything in one place.

Try it: Grade Centric

Best GPA Calculator: GPA Calculator EZ Grader

Screenshot of GPA calculator

As the name suggests, this grade calculator is easy to use! Simply specify the number of questions in your quiz, test, or exam along with the number of incorrect answers, and the score appears below! This calculator also offers other helpful tools such as the High School GPA Calculator and How To Raise GPA.

Try it: GPA Calculator EZ Grader

Best To Determine Target Final Grades: RogerHub Final Grade Calculator

Screenshot of RogerHub grade calculator

Are your students trying to earn a specific final grade in your class? Show them this tool they can use to determine what grade they need on their final exam in order to finish the year with their target grade.

Try it: RogerHub Final Grade Calculator

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Need a good grade calculator? This list of the best free grade calculators is perfect whether you're a teacher or a student.