14 Nature-Themed Classroom Ideas To Create a Soothing Space

Connect with the outdoors.

Examples of nature themed classrooms

Change things up and make your classroom feel minimalist with a nature theme. A space that includes a multitude of colors and decor can be cluttered, causing a distraction for both teachers and students. Instead, decorate your classroom with natural light, soft colors, and plants to create your nature-themed classroom. This gives your space a fresh, clean, and soothing vibe. Here are some of the best ideas for creating a nature-themed classroom.

1. Incorporate nature-themed learning tools

Cubbies with green plant details as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Confetti and Creativity

Toss out your mismatched posters, number line, and word wall, and pick up a nature decor bundle to streamline your learning resources.

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2. Add inspirational plant posters

Decor that reads "Be you" with plant designs as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Confetti and Creativity


Continue your theme with motivational posters that include beautiful illustrations of plants.

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3. Trim bulletin boards with leafy garland

Bulletin board with vines hanging as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Leap of 4th Class Decor

Every nature-themed classroom needs greenery. A simple option is to add vines or leafy garland to decorate the edges of your bulletin boards.

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4. Place plants by the windows

Classroom with hanging plants from the ceiling

Image: The Awesome Foundation

If you are like me and lack a green thumb, no worries! Artificial plants are a no-hassle, mess-free option and will last an eternity in your room.

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5. Hang students’ work on a garden trellis

Organized cubbies with plants as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Carson Dellosa

A simple garden trellis is a creative background for hanging student work. Just add some planters with real or artificial greenery.

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6. Fill corners with potted plants

Large potted plants in corner of a room

Image: The Gifted Gabber

Need something to fill an awkward corner in the classroom? Potted plants are the perfect solution.

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7. Plant seeds of inspiration

Fake potted plants- Nature Themed Classroom

Image: Dollar Tree

These little inspirational pots with decorative succulents can be placed throughout your classroom to give it a homey feel.

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8. Use wicker storage baskets

Classroom with fake palm tree as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Miss Jacobs Little Learners

Don’t let storage challenges affect your nature vibes. Wicker, soft pastels, and/or greens are what you will want to look for.

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9. Shell-ebrate nature on your bulletin board

Sign that reads "lets SHELLebrate nature!"

Image: Pacon Gallery

Bring some humor into your nature-themed classroom with a fun bulletin board like this one that encourages students to shell-ebrate nature.

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10. Incorporate wooden benches

Classroom with chairs arranged in a circle

Image: Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Consider the subtle classroom decor changes you could make for your nature-themed classroom vibes, such as adding wooden benches for flexible seating.

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11. Roll out the green carpet

Classroom with green rug resembling grass as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Bridget Mulvaney on Pinterest

Roll out the green carpet to bring nature vibes to your reading nook.

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12. Cover walls with birch tree wall paper

classroom with plants and tree wallpaper as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Building Book Love

Paint or add wallpaper to one (or all) of your classroom walls. If it’s too pricey, consider grant writing for other items to elevate your theme.

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13. Soften your space with netting

Classroom with calming lighting

Image: Fairy Dust Teaching

If you’re allowed, hang netting, plants, and garland/vines from your ceiling.

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14. Relax on woodland cushions in your reading nook

Classroom with green grass rug and stump stools as an example of a nature themed classroom

Image: Action Based Learning

Take your nature theme to the next level with some exotic decor ideas like a faux-grass rug and plush tree stump pillow cushions.

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