Make Conference Season Easier With Our Free Customizable Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

Meeting notes, reminder notice, parent-input form, and sign-in sheet.

Free Customizable Parent-Teacher Conference Forms

Most educators agree, parent-teacher conference week is exhausting. And it’s not just all the meetings. It’s also all the prep work. We’re here to help make it a little easier with our free parent-teacher conference form bundle.

Included is a reminder notice, pre-conference parent input form, and sign-in sheet, as well as a parent-teacher conference form you can use to prepare for each meeting by noting current grades and observations. The text on each form is customizable in Google Slides, and you can choose from three different color themes. Just submit your email here to save edit, and print your bundle now!

Parent-teacher conference forms in different styles.

Make parent-teacher conference preparation a breeze with a form to note important student information.

Parent-teacher conference form note on desk with mouse, laptop, and notebook.

Organize observations and data for each student with this form where you can note areas of strength and growth as well as grades. You can customize any of the text to match your needs. For example, list grades by subject or assignment. There’s even a spot for on the form to note additional comments for each parent-teacher conference.

Use the reminder notice and pre-conference form to make the most of each meeting.

Parents often inadvertently overlook automated email reminders, but when a hardcopy is sent home makes a lasting impression. This reminder includes a detachable sheet on the bottom that encourages parents to share their child’s feelings about school, as well as their own goals for their child’s development and questions or concerns they’d like to discuss. This pre-conference form is a valuable preparation tool to help conferences be productive and positive.

Keep track of your conferences at a glance and stay on schedule with a sign-in sheet.

Parent-teacher conference sign-in sheet on a desk with mouse, laptop, and notebook.

With space to record the date, time, student name, and parent/caregiver names, this parent-conference sign-in form will keep your meetings running on schedule.


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