37 Unique School Auction Art Projects and Ideas

They’re fun for kids and bring in big bucks for your school.

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As far as school fundraisers go, an art auction is one of the most fun—and most profitable—events out there. Parents love to invest in memorabilia that reminds them of their child’s school experience and showcases their talents. Whether you are looking for an elaborate collaborative project or something smaller that can be bundled, there are tons of ideas out there. Here are 37 simple but beautiful school auction art projects to help get you started.

1. Ceramic Wind Chimes

Hand-painted ceramic wind chimes hanging in a triangular shape on a wooden fence as an example of school auction projects.
Lifestyle for Real Life

Remember your child’s school for years to come every time you hear this lovely ceramic wind chime singing in the breeze. Students use a Sharpie-and-rubbing-alcohol paint technique to create their own unique design on store-bought ceramic medallions. Then the discs are connected to a branch with fishing wire and metal eyelets.

Learn more: Hand-Painted Wind Chimes at Lifestyle for Real Life

2. Personalized Pillow

Tow children holding a class pillow made from colorful felt circles and leaves
Wee Gallery

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with this adorable memento? Students cut graduated circles out of felt squares, then tack them together using an X-stitch with embroidery floss. Next, they cut out an oval leaf shape, embroider their name (or use a Sharpie), and attach it to the flower. Lastly, recruit a volunteer to either sew or hot-glue the flowers to a plain white pillow.

Learn more: Class Pillow at Wee Gallery

3. Vibrant Wall Hangings

Colorful kid-created wall hangings as an example of school auction art projects

These beautiful one-of-a-kind wall hangings are sure to bring in some serious coin. Make them as elaborate as the ones shown above, using canvas fabric, tempera paint, permanent markers, yarn, and dowels.

Learn more: Colorful Wall Hangings at Handmakery

4. Custom Tote Bags

Handprinted cotton tote bags with colorful designs

These simple canvas bags are a perfect school auction art project to make for every errand-running parent. This blogger created these models using natural materials, such as leaves, apple halves, and potatoes. Other materials needed include textile paint, brushes, newspapers, and plain cotton bags.

Learn more: Custom Tote Bags at LuLovesHandmade

5. Colorful Fabric Weavings

A colorful wall hanging made from plastic fencing and colorful strips of cloth
Art Is Basic

These gorgeous wall hangings are simple for kids to create together. All you need is plastic garden fencing (it usually comes in a roll and can be cut into different sizes) and strips of fabric or ribbons. Ask parents for donations of any leftover fabric they may have, or check out websites like NAIER for free materials.

Learn more: Collaborative Weaving Project at Art Is Basic

6. Driftwood Wall Hangings

A wall hanging made from painted sticks of driftwood on a dowel
Twelve O Eight

This project can start with a fun session of gathering sticks outside. Then, to decorate the sticks, each student can get creative with paint, markers, and washi tape. Finally, using screw eyes and suede cord, the sticks can be strung together for a beautiful wall hanging.

Learn more: Driftwood Wall Hanging at Twelve O Eight

7. Van Gogh Reproduction

Van Gogh's Sunflowers created as a mural by children as an example of school auction art projects
Elementary Art Fun

Create an original mural using a large Van Gogh poster or print as a model. Cut the print into paper-sized rectangles. Then give each student a piece plus a piece of white art paper. Have each student re-create their piece of the poster using paint and oil pastels. Finally, put the pieces together for a beautiful, slightly imperfect mural.

Learn more: Van Gogh Mural at Elementary Art Fun

8. Colorful Story Quilt

Squares created by individual students are quilted together on a red background
The Savvy Age

You will need a talented volunteer who can sew to help stitch this project together! For the squares of the quilt, each student will draw their own picture using fabric markers. The teacher who assembled the quilt shown above asked students to create a picture inspired by the theme of friendship. Choose a theme that is meaningful for your particular group of students.

Learn more: Class Quilt at The Savvy Age

9. Painted Adirondack Chair

A classic Adirondack chair painted by a group of students with different colors and patterns
KHS Advancement

Who wouldn’t love to kick back in a deliciously colorful chair like this? Every student in the class can paint or decorate a different section, which will come together into a memorable piece of yard art. If you do not have an Adirondack, use a bench or table or any other kind of wooden furniture made of slats.

Learn more: Painted Adirondack at KHS Advancement

10. Recycled CD/DVD Coasters

Colorful coasters made from CDs and craft paper as an example of school auction art projects
Crafts by Amanda

Bring new life to old CDs and DVDs with these school auction art projects for kids. Ask parents to donate fabric, then allow each student to choose the one they like best. Simply cut the fabric to fit and glue to the surface. Finally, apply Modge Podge matte to seal the coaster. Package all the coasters together with a ribbon for a full set, or give parents the opportunity to purchase their child’s individually.

Learn more: Colorful Coasters at Crafts by Amanda

11. Collaborative Circle Tapestry

A colorful display of circle weavings created by schoolchildren
Experiments in Art Education

Using a 3-inch circle of cardboard, yarn, and a needle, students will first create a loom structure and then weave yarn in a circular pattern to create a unique and beautiful circle (see detailed directions here.) String individual circle weavings together using twine attached to a dowel or an interesting tree branch.

Learn more: Circle Weaving at Experiments in Art Education

12. “Chihuly” Sculptures

Bright Chihuly-style sculptures made from coffee filters as an example of school auction art projects
Spot of Color
A platter holds Chihuly-style sculptures made from melted plastic cups
Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

There are two different ways to create these beautiful school auction art projects. The first sculpture is constructed with coffee filter papers, water-based markers, paper cups, and a squirt bottle of water. The second one is constructed with plastic disposable cups, Sharpie pens, and a toaster oven.

Learn more: Top: Coffee Filter Chihuly at Spot of Color; bottom: Plastic Cup Chihuly at Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes

13. Hand Hearts Photograph

A framed collage of childrens' hands in the shape of hearts as an example of a school auction art project

You will need a good camera for this project. Demonstrate for your students how to create the shape of a heart with their hands. Provide a colorful piece of paper as a background for each student to create their hand heart, then snap a photo. Mount all of the students’ heart photos together with a crisp white matte border surrounding them, then frame.

Learn more: Heart Hands at PopSugar

14. Woven Watercolor Strips

A teacher and students proudly display a colorful woven painting
New Zealand Artwork

Determine the width and length you want each strip of watercolor paper for the weaving to be. Give each student one strip and let them apply different watercolor paint techniques in the color palette of their choosing to their individual strip. Weave the strips tightly together and glue down onto a piece of black background to form this beautiful piece of art!

Learn more: Woven Paintings at New Zealand Artwork

15. Reach for the Stars Collage

A beautiful collage made by children of arms reaching up to a sky of bright stars
Artsonia Art Museum

Have each student trace from their hand up to their elbow onto a piece of good-quality card stock (or pair them up to do it with a partner). Color and decorate using crayons, markers, paint, or pastels, then cut out the tracing. Assemble all of the hands onto a dark-blue poster board, overlapping from the bottom, with each hand pointing up, as if it is reaching toward the sky. Glue different sizes of shimmering gold stars at the top of the board.

Learn more: Reaching for the Stars at Artsonia Art Museum

16. Boho Flower Wall Hanging

Painted sections of egg cartons hang in vertical lines from a dowel as an example of school auction art projects
Craftaholics Anonymous

Who knew egg cartons could be so beautiful? Cut into different shapes, then painted, the individual “flowers” are strung together using twine and attached to a dowel or stick. The directions below recommend spray paint, but for younger children, tempera or watercolor paint would work better.

Learn more: Egg Carton Wall Hanging at Craftaholics

17. The Hand Tree

A tree with leaves made from children's handprints against a bright blue background
Candice Ashment Art

Celebrate the uniqueness of every single student in your class with this colorful, whimsical tree project.

Learn more: Hand Tree at Candice Ashment Art

18. Personalized Ceramic Bowl

A large white bowl decorated with children's fingerprints and names
Pottery Piazza

There are many variations of this craft out there. We like this version, found on Pinterest, that creates a fun scene using students’ fingerprints. If you want your piece to be professionally fired, you or a parent volunteer can arrange to borrow the proper paints and markers, as well as buy your pottery piece, from a Pots ‘n Paints–type of business. After your students add their contribution to the piece, you can return it to the shop to be fired.

Learn more: Smiley Fingerprint Bowl at Pottery Piazza

19. Wall of Hearts

A colorful collage of 30 individually made heart paintings as an example of school auction art projects
Art Teacherin’ 101

Using heavy-duty craft paper, have students paint their own design on a common theme (for example, hearts, as shown in the image). Other theme ideas: trees, shapes, first letters of each student’s first or last name, stars, emojis.

Learn more: Hearts Collage at Art Teacherin’ 101

20. Tile Squares Table

A white coffee table with hand painted heart tiles inlaid on the top
Mom With a Glue Gun

This one requires a little legwork to find and prepare just the right table base—a perfect job for a parent volunteer like this blogger. Click below for details.

Learn more: Tile Tabletop at Mom With a Glue Gun

21. Serving Tray

A white serving tray decorated with hand-painted watercolor dots as an example of school auction art projects
Art Camp Studio

Something practical like a beautiful, one-of-a-kind serving tray could be a hot-ticket item for your school auction art project. Using color-diffusing paper and watercolor paints, each student creates their own design. Then the pieces are adhered to the surface of the tray and sealed.

Learn more: Watercolor Tray at Art Camp Studio

22. Vase of Flowers

A collaborative art project featuring a painted pot filled with colorful blooms, each one made by a different student
Art at Becker Middle School

Another Van Gogh–inspired art project, this one allows each student to create their own individual flower to add to the vase. A colorful collection any parent would love to display.

Learn more: Van Gogh Flowers at Art at Becker Middle School

23. Custom Plates

Second hand dishes custom decorated by students

School auction art projects that will also get good use? Yes, please! These whimsical plates would be a cheery addition to any kitchen. The example above shows simple line drawings of fruit. But you could pick any theme you like—self-portraits, animals, flowers. Here are step-by-step directions for decorating china with Sharpies.

Learn more: Customized Dishes at PopSugar

24. Clay Mosaic Mirror

A mirror with a wide frame covered in clay mosaics made by students as an example of school auction art projects
Art Is Basic

How pretty would this look in an entryway? Clay discs, created by each individual student, are artfully arranged inside a frame. Once they are glued down, a mirror is added in the middle.

Learn more: Embellished Mirror at Art Is Basic

25. Peace Dove

A colorful dove painting made from student fingerprints
Beverly Cleary School Foundation

Working together, the students in this class used their fingertips, dipped in paint, to create this colorful dove. At the bottom, each student identified their fingerprint with their signature.

Learn more: Fingerprint Dove at Beverly Cleary School Foundation

26. Under the Sea

A delightful collaborative under the sea painting featuring different sea creatures, each created by a different student
Joy in the Works

This project would be perfect for a class that’s studying ocean life. The teacher can paint the background of blues for the seawater and beige at the bottom for the sand. Then, each student could contribute their favorite sea creature. Finally, each student can sign their name in the space at the bottom.

Learn more: Under the Sea at Joy in the Works

27. Craft Stick Collage

A large frame filled with individually painted craft sticks as an example of  school auction art projects
Teaching Middle Level

Give each student four to six large wooden craft sticks to color in completely with color Sharpie pens or tempera paint. Encourage students to decorate each stick uniquely. After you have collected all of the sticks, lay them out on a large foam board in a checkerboard manner, experimenting with what you think looks best. When you are satisfied with your design, glue it down. Attach a hanger to the back of the foam board.

Learn more: Craft Stick Collage at Teaching Middle Level

28. Decoupage Glass Magnets

Clear glass magnets with children's drawing decoupaged to the backs
Modge Podge Rocks

These quick and easy school auction art projects are perfect for little ones. You’ll need glass magnets, glue, Modge Podge, and original artwork made by your students (made with paint, markers, or crayons on paper). Have each student make a few, then gather them together in small gift bags and sell them as a bundle. Full directions below.

Learn more: Glass Magnets at Modge Podge Rocks

29. Wall Hanging

A colorful wall hanging made from individual strands of hand dyed yarn
Studio DIY

This gorgeous wall hanging is sure to add color to any space. Have a large selection of yarn in different colors, sizes, and weights for students to choose from. Let students choose if they’d like to braid their strands, finger-knit them into a chain, or simply let them hang straight. Attach each student’s strand to a dowel and then add a hanging cord. For an extra challenge, teach them how to hand-dye the yarn before they create their strand.

Learn more: Yarn Wall Hanging at Studio DIY

30. Group Puzzle

Pieces of a collaborative puzzle created by students
Art Is Basic

Buy or have someone donate a puzzle with relatively large pieces. Usually a preschool puzzle with 25 to 30 pieces works well for this. Have students decorate the plain backside of each piece with permanent markers. Encourage them to add lots of details. When they are all colored in, spray all of the pieces with a shiny clear topcoat of spray paint. Assemble the puzzle and mount it to a piece of cardboard or plywood. Attach hangers to the back or prop it up on a tabletop easel.

Learn more: Collaborative Puzzle at Art Is Basic

31. Cardboard Sculptures

A funky tree sculpture made from toilet paper roll and cardboard discs
Artful Parent

So fun, so funky, this colorful sculpture is made from cardboard paper roll and discs cut from cardboard. Have each student make one of these school auction art projects, then arrange them in a forest for parents to buy.

Learn more: Cardboard Sculptures at Artful Parent

32. Painted Wooden Blocks

Colorful hand-painted wood blocks arranged in an array
Art Camp Studio

These colorful, hand-painted wood blocks, individualized by each student, could be auctioned off as a whole or individually.

Learn more: Painted Wood Blocks at Art Camp Studio

33. Pom-Pom Wall Hanging

A colorful arrangement of hand made pom-poms as a wall hanging as an example of school auction art projects
DIY Candy

Yarn pom-poms are easy to make and are also an excellent way to use up scraps of yarn. Have each student contribute one or a few and create this fun, whimsical wall hanging for auction. For more, check out these pom-pom craft ideas.

34. Crane Mobile

A gorgeous mobile made from folded paper cranes hung from a ceiling
The Art of Education University

Once you get the hang of it, folding paper cranes is not only simple, it can be addicting! Teach your students, then have each of them contribute a few to create a gorgeous mobile that would look perfect in any home.

Learn more: Paper Crane Mobile at The Art of Education University

35. Decoupaged Stool

A wooden stool decoupaged with words cut from magazines and Sharpie accents as an example of school auction art projects
Art Is Basic

This vibrant stool is customized by students with acrylic paint, Sharpie marker, and bold words cut from magazines. Sure to be a hot seller, check out the step-by-step directions below.

Learn more: Decoupaged Stool at Art Is Basic

36. 3D Sunburst

A colorful sunburst is created from pencils
Christy Ferrell

Turn trash into treasure with a recycled pencil starburst display. No need to purchase new supplies, just start early and collect abandoned pencils. Allow groups of students time to glue pencils on one section at a time.

Learn more: Pencil Starburst at Christy Ferrell on Pinterest

37. “Stained” Glass Panels

Beautiful panels of stained glass created by students from popsicle sticks and tissue paper as an example of school auction art projects
Artful Parent

As sunshine passes through these DIY stained-glass panels, vibrant colors light up the space. Simple to create (craft sticks, tissue paper, and glue), these beauties are sure to be a bestseller at auction.

Learn more: Stained Glass at Artful Parent

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Looking for creative school auction art projects? From painting to weaving to sculpting, we've rounded up awesome ideas to get you started.