15 Brilliant Examples of Teacher Introduction Letters to Parents

Get ready for the new school year!

Teacher introduction letter examples including a Meet the Teacher checklist and Meet the Teacher fact sheet.

A new school year is about to begin. Are you ready? One of the best ways to get back into the groove is to write your teacher introduction letter to parents. This is a great time to reflect on previous years while setting an intention for the year ahead. Take time to curate the message you want to send, but don’t stress over it. We’ve put together some tips and examples to help you get started.

Tips for Writing a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents

Make a friendly introduction

Set the tone for your letter (and the school year!) by using a warm and friendly voice to introduce yourself to parents and students. Personalize this section by including the student’s name and class information. This is also helpful for parents who may have more than one child at the school.

Give them your background

Take a moment to highlight your education, experience, and skills to give them a better idea of your professional background and qualifications. Be sure to share any special training or certifications you’ve received as well as any goals you’ve set for the year.

Tell them why you are a teacher

There are many reasons why parents might find it harder and harder to leave their children in a classroom. Showcase your passion, teaching philosophy, and love for being a teacher, and let them know you are open and available to discuss any of their concerns during the school year.

Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents Examples

1. Put preschoolers at ease

Back to school teacher introduction letter to parents

Starting school for the first time can be intimidating. Welcoming preschoolers to an adventure can help reframe the experience and make it more exciting.

2. Build relationships with parents


Kindergarten welcome letter from teacher

Use your teacher introduction letter to parents to let them know that you want to be a team. Build a rapport and encourage them to share all of the things they love about their child.

3. Show them who you are

Meet the teacher letter for back to school

It’s important to give parents important information about your educational and professional background, but you can also use this space to share some personal details to help them get to know you better.

4. Ask parents for an introduction letter

Back to school teacher introduction letter to parents

While it’s essential to send out teacher introduction letters, why not ask for one in return? Invite parents to share anything and everything they want you to know at the beginning of the school year so you can get on the same page.

5. Make it a family affair

Example of teacher introduction letter to parents

Let parents know that they are part of an extended family based in your classroom. Welcome them to be involved, set “family rules,” and make it clear that they have a seat at the table.

6. Provide class information

Meet the Teacher

With your teacher introduction letter, consider including a one-sheet reference of important information about things like classroom rules, communication, volunteering, and the class website.

7. Share your family

Example of back to school teacher introduction letter to parents

Consider including a personal image of your family in your letter at the beginning of the year. Whether it’s you and your partner, your kids, or fur babies, this can help you make an immediate connection with parents.

8. Make a checklist

Meet the Teacher classroom checklist back to school

After the long summer break, back to school can be a stressful time. Help students and their families stay on track by including a helpful checklist with your teacher introduction letter.

9. Go high-tech

Example teacher introduction letter to parents

Want to take your efforts to the next level? Add a QR code that parents can scan. This will open a recording of you reading the letter to your students!

10. Keep it simple

Simple example of teacher letter for back to school

Don’t want to get overly personal or technical? That’s OK! You can still write a great teacher introduction letter that gives students and parents the information they need while respecting your privacy.

11. Speak in code

Here’s another example of a customizable letter using technology to offer additional information without having to overstuff your letter or print out unnecessary pages. The QR code keeps things sleek and simple.

12. Stick to basics

In some situations, less is more. If you want to keep your teacher introduction letter to parents short, this customizable minimalist design might be perfect for you.

13. Space out

This fun teacher introduction letter template is easy to personalize and has just enough space (no pun intended) for the essentials. You can easily add more information or keep it short and sweet.

14. Go retro

This groovy design has a retro feel and a clean design. The bullets are a great way to share a lot of information without cluttering up your letter.

15. Block it off

We love the blocks used in this editable teacher introduction letter to parents. It looks clean and tidy, but the colors keep it fun and fresh.

Do you have more great teacher introduction letter examples? Share in the comments below!

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Get ready and set the tone for the new school year with these great teacher introduction letter to parents examples.